Ed Wozniak has been a Cumberland County resident for 10 years. Ed grew up in the South Chicago area. He graduated high school at St. Laurence High School in the state of Illinois. Ed has 3 years of college that he obtained through work training. Ed came to work at the Lake Tansi Police Department in Feb of 2021. Prior to coming to work at the Lake Tansi Police Department, Ed served as a deputy sheriff in Will County Illinois, Oconto Co Wisconsin, and Collier County Flordia. Ed has many law enforcement training certificates that he has acquired during his law enforcement career. Ed is a member of St Alphonsus Catholic Church in Crossville. During his off time, Ed enjoys hobby farming where he raises goats, rabbits and chickens. Ed sells some of the best tasting farm fresh eggs you have ever eaten. Ed's membership in this department has enabled us to continue giving the residents of the community the quality service that they deserve. Ed is a very valued member of the department. The chief says he wishes that he had 5 more just like Ed.

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